Book Club

Happy New Year to all. Now we have 2022 to look forward to and we need to keep positive. I think the next book will show us how to overcome! This book was on our book list before, but never read. title is “Manhattan Beach” by Jennifer Egan. It was a NY Times best seller in 2017. “A magnificent achievement …at once suspenseful noir intrigue and a transporting work of lyrical beauty and emotional heft.”–

Review from the Boston Globe. “It is an historical novel about the first female deep-sea diver at the Brooklyn Navy Yard during WW 11. It is not a short book-about 400 pages- but I found it a page turner.” To give you time to read the book we can have the meeting Sunday Jan 23rd at the TBT library—12:30 pm. Please bring your Lunch. I am also requesting you email to me some suggestion for future books.

Our Dec meeting was a success- and special, thanks to Carol Zucker for hosting us at her beautiful home.

Quote Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you have to keep pedaling.” Albert Einstein

Jeanne Sheinberg