Book Club

Hello, enjoying the heat wave? We have something to keep you occupied while avoiding being outside: James A Michener’s The Source. An epic fictional history exploring the beginning of the Jewish faith thru to the independence of Israel.

We are taking off July and August due to summer vacations and also to give extra time to read this compelling book. Out Next meeting will be Sunday Sept 11 at 1230 in the TBT Library.

I hope attendance will be good.

Next books on board are: A biography by Rob Wolf- Ervin Wolf- growing up in affluence,  a Jewish man in Hungry when the Nazis seized power. He was forced into a labor camp. This is a true story of a Jewish man’s fight for freedom. Recommended by Nancy Schwartz-I am awaiting the title of the book.

“Winter Garden” by Kristin Hannah- recommended by Marsha- an amazing journey explores life in Russia during Stalin’s takeover. Plan for Sunday Oct 16th.

Quote: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”   Nelson Mandela

See you in September ……Remember the song?

                   Jeanne  (: