Book Club


Our schedule for the next four months is as follows:  
1.  October – No meeting.
2.  November 5 – The Weight of Ink by Rachel Kadish, 8pm at JCC [Meet for dinner at Rabbi D.’s home]
3.  December – No meeting.
4.  January 20 – Sisters in Law by Linda Hirshman, 12:15pm at Temple Library 
For the November 5th meeting, we will carpool to Rabbi D.’s leaving from 2351 and Galveston Rd. at 4:45pm.  Michele will pick up dinner for the group at Pizza Motus (all attendees to have sent her their order).  We are targeting dinner for 6pm; repay Michele in cash.  Everyone is responsible for buying their own book festival ticket:  I will spell this out again once we get closer to the date.  For now, just mark it on your calendar and read the book.  
Based on the high turnout and high temperature discussion, our Book Group is off to a good start.  Attached is the list of books that come recommended, including one from Page.  


Book Club Schedule for 2018-2019