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Temple Between Trees???

An odd suggestion it is, I suppose, to refer to our worship home as the Temple Between Trees.  To understand the significance of this phrase, beyond the obvious reality of our location nestled within its own idyllic forest-like setting, I must share how I use the symbolism of trees in my work as a clinical therapist, a counselor.  Often my clients come to me distressed by their trials, looking for some hope and possibly a nudge of direction.  When these clients are facing an onslaught of trials and feeling attacked, I sometimes encourage them to think of the huge trees that line the streets of Galveston.  With strong roots in good soil and a bark that is strong enough to withstand the rain and wind of category five hurricanes, these trees remain after over 100 years and countless storms.  These tall, majestic trees provide shade and shelter to humans and animals in the area.  Now, as our people are experiencing attacks and trials, both home and abroad, what is our answer to this tragedy.  What is our role amid so much hatred, sorrow, and uncertainty?  What can those who are the chosen messengers of G-d do?

So the question is for you, the readers, to reply with comments