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Before I had children, when I looked back on my childhood, the worst part was because I lived in a non-Jewish city, it took me five hours a day to go to Hebrew School. 45 minutes to be driven to the edge of the bus route, 45 minutes to be driven to the end of the bus route, 45 minutes to be driven home. 5 hours, 3 days a week, uphill both ways.

My parents though always considered it their greatest accomplishment. Because I was put on the path, I had a Bar Mitzvah and maintained a Jewish identity. Twenty years later I got married and had kids (actually my wife had them) and because I lived in Clear Lake there was a Hebrew School at TBT and had B’nai Mitzvahs there which my parents witnessed. When
I look back now on my childhood, I think the best part was my going to Hebrew School even though it took 5 hours a day, it made me who I am today. Jewish.

You may ask, “so what? What difference does it make that you retained your Jewish identity?” A few years ago, the Unitarian Church installed its first gay Minister. I was there along with several other people from TBT. Would I have been there if I hadn’t spent the last twenty years at TBT? Probably not. After that I was at the Islamic Center of Clear Lake for an anti-hate rally with several other members from our TBT. Would I have been there if I didn’t still have a Jewish identity? No.

Being Jewish makes you different from most people. Ironically, it gives you a certain freedom. For people who do not like you because you are Jewish, they are not going to like you any more just because you stand up for other people who are different than most people.

And more importantly, now every Friday I help feed hungry Jews healthy food. Would I be doing that if I wasn’t Jewish? I don’t think so.

If it’s important to you to keep a Hebrew School in Clear Lake area so that your children and their children and your Community’s children can have a Jewish education, have B’nai Mitzvots and maintain a Jewish identity, then I ask you to consider making a donation to TBT in connection with the HHD.

1) TBT 5781 Book of Remembrance – it’s traditional and appreciated to make a donation in memory of those you choose to list in The Book.

2) Pledge Drive – This is an important part of our budget and can be in honor of whoever you choose.

3) Please make checks payable to:
12411 Park Shadows Trail
Houston, Tx 77058

This year, because of a significantly reduced physical presence at TBT we are going to have a significantly increased electronic presence “TBTelethon” (Tefilah, B’nai, Tzedakah) for Joey’s kids to help us reach our goal of $10,000. We will have live acts, machers, movers & shakers and alta cockers standing by to handle your pledges!

Here is our calendar for September:

4THShabbat with the Rabbi and special D’var Torah with Dave Bailey 7pm

9thBoard of Director Meeting 7 p.m.

11THShabbat music with MYRNA! 7 pm.

13thCombined start of Religious school with B’nai Israel in Galveston on Zoom …Book Club…PICK UP BOXES AND BOOKS FROM 2-4 AT TBT

18th Rosh Hashana Eve at 7:30 p.m. (Dinner on Zoom at 6 p.m.)

19thRosh Hashana Day 10:00 a.m.

27thKol Nidre 7:30 p.m.

28th Yom Kippur – 10 a.m.
Afternoon services – IF interested we could have an interactive reflective discussion – if you want this, please email the Rabbi

Yizkor – 4:00 p.m.

Neilah – 5:00 p.m.

We can break the fast with each other on Zoom after.