President’s Message

My beloved 93-year mother decided to uproot herself from Michigan and become a Texan. It took courage and faith to leave her “homeland” and come to a family that will care and love her. She definitely has fallen in love with our food!

Prior to leaving she heard “Lech Lecha”. The words spoken by G-d to Abram to “go forward.” This was not the G-d that prior to this command, wiped out sinners with floods and the Tower of Babel, this command was one of mercy. It was a moment of impact on our Jewish history.

We have all moments in our lives where we had to move, no matter our age. We had to forge a new path, a new adventure. Although we are no Abraham or Moses, our moving forward in our own small way makes an impact on ourselves and those around us. I believe “going forth” is embedded in our Jewish DNA.

I am so excited she is here and she is looking forward to playing piano at TBT once we are open! I hope you all will welcome her and she will have a home at TBT.

Finally, after our snowmaggedon, hearing the children perform “The Masked Queen” at our Purim service with CBI was the balm we needed it. Their laughter and joy reenacting a happy time in our history, was just what we needed. I was honored to write this play for them.

FYI: We SPRING FORWARD on Saturday March 13th- so don’t forget to move your clock an hour ahead!

Deb Nowinski –