President’s Message

I love September. There is something so magical about this month. Maybe it’s the way we are melting out of the heat of the summer and into the hope of a fall breeze: or something that resembles it.

The festivals. The carnivals and fairs. The start of the harvest into October. Okay, the “everything pumpkin,” I’m not too crazy about.

Elul comes from the Babylonian word, “ululu”. The original came from the Akkadian word “harvest”.

Elul is not only a time to harvest but a time to grow closer to G-d. It is no wonder the Rabbis chose “the Song of Solomon” to describe our desire for this closeness. “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine.” Many Jewish couples engrave it in their wedding rings. It is a commitment, a contract that plants their love.

To me, it is no different for the ten days of awe. It is our contract, our commitment to G-d. It’s those words that guides us through life. As we stand before G-d every year, we recommit,
repent, review the past year, and promise to be a better partner and person. We plant the seed of a better year in our heart and hope we it blooms for the next year. EJ and I hope you and
yours have a happy healthy year filled with love, commitment and well…as much pumpkin as you want.

See you on the ZOOM.