President’s Message

Dear TBT Members,

         L’Shanah Tovah!   We are about to embark into 5782 with our High Holy Day services.  The attached letter contains the schedule for the services, and we also wish to warmly welcome Cantor Wendy Goldberg to TBT!

         The coronavirus/Covid 19/Delta remains as a public health threat in our community.  Therefore, the Board met multiple times to consider the safest way to offer High Holy Day worship services.  After careful consideration, the Board voted to offer services both in-person and by Zoom (i.e., a hybrid service).  It is also our plan to post the services through Facebook live.  However, FB live does not offer any opportunity to participate in the service, it is viewing only, whereas Zoom also presents an opportunity for participation.

However, anyone wishing to attend in-person must abide by the restrictions listed in this email.  This email contains these limitations – please closely review these limits, as they are important to all of us.

Judith Oppenheim has kindly agreed to again compile the list of deceased loved ones for Yizkor.  Please email her any updates no later than Thursday, September 9, 2021, so that she will have time to compile the document.  Any new members, please email her your information by this same deadline.

Here is the information on these matters:

Yizkor list:

  • Judith has the names used last year.  However, if you have any updates or modifications, please email that information to Judith Oppenheim no later than September 9, 2021 to her email address at   A copy of last year’s Yizkor document is attached to this email so that you will be able to review it to make your determination as to whether you wish to make changes.
  • New Members:  if you joined TBT in the past year, then please email the names of your family members/loved ones that you wish to be included in the Yizkor recitation to Judith Oppenheim no later than September 9, 2021.  Again, please email her your information at her email address, .

In-person attendance restrictions (mandatory):

  • In person attendance is limited to the Rabbi, the Cantor, Board members involved in the service, honorees, and the first additional ten (10) members emailing/RSVP’ing that they wish to attend in person for a specific High Holy Day Service. To clarify, persons who are physically present in the temple to perform an honor in the service will not count to this ten-person limit, and the Rabbi, Cantor, and Board members who are involved in the service will not count to this ten-person limit.  Any Board members who are not involved in the service will count towards the ten-person limit.  If you wish to attend in-person, then please RSVP by email to either Joe Wallack or Myrna Reingold.  Joe’s email address is and Myrna’s email address is . Indicate which service(s) you wish to attend in-person.
  • All persons attending in person, regardless of whether they are a Board member, the Rabbi, Cantor, involved with the service, performing an honor, or otherwise must be fully vaccinated to attend in person.  If you are not fully vaccinated, then the Zoom attendance will be available to you, but in-person attendance is not an option for you.
  • Each person attending in-person must wear a mask at all times other than when they are on the Bimah performing a reading, prayer, or song.
  • Each person attending in-person must practice social distancing while in the temple.
  • In person attendance is limited to members in good standing.

Thank you for your attention to this email, the instructions on in-person attendance, the attached letter, and the attached Yizkor list from last year. Again, please remember to email Judith Oppenheim with your information for the Yizkor list by or before September 9, 2021 and please remember to email either Joe Wallack or Myrna Reingold as soon as possible if you wish to attend in-person, as once ten persons have RSVP’d for a specific service, that will close the potential for in-person attendance for that service.

Thank you again,

Joseph Wallack, Temple Beth Tikvah President