President’s Message

This year is just flying by! Before you know it, we’ll all have 2020 vision. The highlights of October were the High Holidays. Thank you so much to everyone who helped prepare and execute these most important days of our Jewish year. This includes everyone who did a reading, Aliyah, and other bimah honors, as well as those who brought food for the oneg and break-fast, and served at the check-in table. Eljay kept the trains running on time, as usual. Joe Wallack organized all of the honors, and Mardy Schweitzer assured that we had plenty of plastic-ware and paper goods. Finally, Rabbi Deborah and Cantor Francyne provided us with meaningful services that were appreciated by all.

Speaking of Francyne, it seems that the vast majority of people I talked to at HHD services really enjoy having her with us, and so the board voted to ask everyone to contribute “double chai” ($36) to help offset some of the cost of having a cantor of her caliber serve our congregation. This is a suggested contribution level; if you can contribute a bit more, it would be appreciated. Look for this as a one-time charge on an upcoming dues invoice.

A huge thank you goes out to Denise Gabino, who organized our recent yard sale. She had great help from several people who are mentioned in the rabbi’s column, so I won’t repeat them. Putting the sale together was a huge undertaking, and the work is truly appreciated. Also, thank you to everyone who contributed items to be sold.

This month, our services will be led by several folks. November 1 st will feature our ISJL intern, so let’s have a good showing! I am sure that she will lead us in a family-oriented service of some sort. The following week will be our usual music service with Myrna (and maybe Jon?), followed by a service led by Myrna and Deb Nowinski. November 22 will be our next service combined with Shaar Hashalom (at CSH) and the final Friday will be led by Rabbi Deborah. So, we will surely have something for everyone!

I hope to see you all at services in the near future! If I don’t see you, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! I’m hoping to spend my holiday in Cleveland with my family.