President’s Message

In the words of Alan Jay Lerner, author of the musical “Camelot”: “It’s May. It’s May!”

I am writing this month’s message, having just returned from Dallas, where I celebrated the second night of Passover with my aunt and cousins. We had a lovely Seder, filled with singing, laughing, and great food! I hope that you also had a meaningful Pesach.

Speaking of Passover-we had a wonderful first-night Seder at Bay Oaks Country Club. Nearly 100 TBT friends and families gathered together. So many people are to be thanked for making this Seder a success: Mel and Sherry Bogus secured the location (they are machers at the Club), Jill MacGregor did so much work in organizing the event, Harriet Hayes and her band of charosset-makers came through with delicious appley-goodness, Nancy Harris and Jill made our matzo balls (yummy), Myrna Reingold and Jon Zelon provided their usual wonderful music, Joe Wallack did a super-stupendous job of organizing the silent auction and all of those who bid on items (which, Joe just informed me, raised about $2500!), Eljay Waldman did his usual great job of keeping us on track and wrangling the kids, and of course, Rabbi Deborah led us in  a beautiful Seder service. I particularly had a blast, fooling the kids with the afikomen! Also special was the celebration of Tom Henderson’s 85th birthday! Deb Nowinski honored him with a pesadich birthday cake. If you couldn’t join us this year, I hope you will next year. (In Jerusalem?)

Rabbi Deborah announced that she is working on our next TBT international excursion: to Panama. Stay tuned for more info, as it becomes available.

On a more serious note: Contributions to TBT are down significantly this year. There are several reasons, but the bottom line is, we either need to raise more money or make more cuts (Paul Hamer has really cut our expenses over the past two years, but more must be done.) The board voted to cut back the services of our cleaning lady to every-other week. This will save us nearly $3500 over the course of a year. It also means that EVERYONE needs to be aware and active in keeping TBT clean. Please…if you see something on the floor, pick it up. If a toilet needs to be flushed, flush it. If a table needs to be wiped down, please do so.  The other thing you can do…increase your financial contributions. Every dollar is appreciated! We, as a board, are working hard to spend your money responsibly.

Religious School will be wrapping up in a couple of weeks. A huge “thank you” to Cori Novy and her crew of teachers for their dedication to serving our TBT kids.

Finally, mark your calendars:  Our annual meeting will take place on June 23rd, at 10:30 a.m. Following the meeting we will have a presentation on pre-need funeral preparations, by Jane Shapiro from Houston Jewish Funerals. HJF kindly sponsored our Purim Carnival in exchange for doing this presentation. I hope that you will all attend.

Stuart Eisen