President’s Message

2023 TBT Telethon Passover Fundraiser:

From the second holiest book at Temple Beth Tikvah, Tales from Tikvah: Justice, Justice, Shalt Thou Follow They asked the “holy Yehudi”: “Why is it written: “Justice, justice, shalt thou follow”? Why is the word “justice” repeated?” He answered: “We ought to follow justice with justice, and not with unrighteousness.” That means: The use of unrighteousness to a righteous end makes the end itself unrighteous; injustice as a means to justice renders justice unjust.

“In addition, she decorated her chambers with an artist’s rendering of the Hebrew phrase from Deuteronomy, “Zedek, zedek, tirdof,” (“Justice, justice shall you pursue”) as a reminder of her heritage and professional responsibility.[138]”

Our annual Community Passover Seder is one of our biggest events.
Unfortunately, manna from heaven stopped falling down thousands of years ago so we have to pay for everything ourselves (except for the fruit that Brent Erenwert and Brothers Produce donate every year). Correction to previous email, some say it was a miracle but actually it was our Ritual Director, Myrna Reingold, who did the impossible and balanced the Passover budget by having the ticket prices cover the entire cost. So donations to our Passover fundraiser will go to our general Fund.

Help pursue Justice Justice with a (tax deductible) charitable contribution to TBT:

1) You can make it in honor of The Great Teacher Rebbe of Clean Lake, Rabbi Marcy Greene, who will once again be leading the Seder.

2) You can make it in honor of our Ritual Director, Myrna “WoManna” Reingold, who once again has done all the heavy schlepping in preparation for the Seder.

3) You can make it in memory of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

At TBT we accept all denominations. $1, $5, $ 10, etc. You never know what Supernatural Being may be watching and again, sometimes the smallest things you do are the most important.

Please make checks payable to Temple Beth Tikvah, indicate what the check is for (in memory of/in honor of/other) and mail to:

Temple Beth Tikvah
12411 Park Shadows Trail
Houston, TX 77058

Email operators, big machers, movers and shakers and alta cockers are standing by to handle your pledges.

Joseph Wallack Fundraising Director, Temple Beth Tikvah