President’s Message

Hi. And thank you for trusting me to help guide the Board and create the most creative little Temple this side of the Mississippi. And speaking of big dreams, are y’all having weird pandemic dreams? You know it is a “thing” now. I’m sure books will be written about it. People are telling me they are dreaming of hugging people (guilty) or going out and dancing, eating, being with family once again. Seeing full faces smiling…my mother keeps telling me when I’m in a full moment panic “this too shall pass.” And it makes me stop to think about this moment in time and all times, we as Jews, have suffered even worse. Having been sent from their homelands, dispersed, put in camps. But, I believe G-d placed hope in our DNA. And, every Friday night when we light our candles, pray the Shema, remember those who need our healing and love, we release that hope within our souls to the ONE above, and in turn, He gives us strength. And although the dream of being together, for right now, is out of our arms reach, we will get to a better time again. AND, once we do open, I am hoping to catch up on all the happiness and creative programming we ALL can be involved in. We will be in reach of each other and will embrace the sweet moment of what we missed and what we really need in our lives – each other. A dream come true.
PLEASE JOIN MYRNA AND I this coming Friday for our PRE 4th Shabbat at 7 p.m. ON ZOOM.

And, once again, I thank you for the honor of being the President of the board. And to the new Board Members – thank you for stepping up!

B’shalom, Deb Nowinski