President’s Message

Can you believe that winter will be over in just a few weeks? That was brutal! (Sarcasm) But really, I’d much rather have our winters than the winters of my youth, freezing my tuchas off in Cleveland, and literally walking a mile, uphill in the snow, to school. Well, it was uphill going to school, and downhill coming home. Still…too cold!

A huge “thank you” to Mardy Schweitzer, who donated 54 new copies of our prayer book, Mishkan T’filah. This includes six large-print copies. If you need a large-print copy, we are keeping those in the library so they will not get misplaced. Feel free to use one, and please
return it to the shelf when services are over. We will be repairing the other “old” copies of the books and will have a total of about 105 when they are all back in our possession.

On March 15, we will host Shaar Hashalom for our quarterly joint Shabbat service. Please join us as we, as a larger Jewish community, welcome the sabbath. This will be the fourth or fifth time we have joined together, and we always have a great time. That service will begin at 7p.m.

The annual Purim Carnival will be held on March 24 at Shaar Hashalom. This is TBT’s biggest fund-raiser of the year, but it only works if everyone pitches in. If you have not signed up to sponsor a game, click on the link and help out. Send your checks to TBT and mark “Purim” on the memo line.

While I’m thinking about $$$ we have a Security Fund set up as a separate line-item, to pay for the occasions when we need Pasadena Police services. Please consider contributing to this very important fund. Also, why you’re at it, why not honor the memory of a loved one with a yahrzeit plaque? Contact David Salinsky at for more information.

Don’t forget our annual Passover Seder is right around the corner. Save the date: April 19!

If you are interested in participating on the TBT board of directors, let me know! We will have the following open positions: Ritual, Membership, Communications, and Fundraising. If you are in one of these positions and would like to continue, please let me know. Several of our board members have served for numerous years. It would be great to have some more “new comers” with  fresh ideas. Personally, I have served for 20 of the past 21 years. Joe and Jerry have served for many years, as have Charles and Paul. Get involved-it really doesn’t hurt!

TBT and the TBT Men’s Club are joining with Shaar Hashalom in sponsoring a talk by former Ambassador Itzhak Brook, about the Yom Kippur War. Please see additional info in this newsletter.

Have a great month. If you are travelling for spring break, please be safe!