Beginning April 5th, at 6:00pm, sundown, the “Master Story” of Judaism will be told at Passover Seder tables around the world.

At this time, Jews celebrate our people’s exodus from Egypt: not only Israel’s liberation from slavery; but also the journey towards personal and communal responsibility culminating in revelation at Mt. Sinai.

And so it is time once more to read from the Haggadah; time to re-experience the past and bring it into the present. For as our text says, “In each and every generation every person must regard himself as though he had come forth from Egypt as a slave.” It is the centrality of freedom which makes Passover the “Master Story” of Judaism. For freedom is the underlying ethical force of our tradition. For one day, with God’s grace and the work of our hands, freedom will be enjoyed by every human being.

This year Temple Beth Tikvah is celebrating Passover at TBT, on the 1st night Wednesday, April 5th at 6:00pm. Please go to our Reservation Form and print it as it is due by March 29th.  It is best to make your reservation as soon as possible as seating will be limited.

In addition, please view the Passover Resource Kit provided by the URJ.

Thank you, 

Ritual VP