Rabbi’s Message

I know I speak for all of us when I say I’m so excited to say good riddance to 2020
and usher in 2021! For our Shabbat service on January 1st, I’d like to give
anyone who wants the opportunity to share a couple of your favorite inspirational
quotes. You can feel free to share with us on Zoom that evening, or if you are
Zoom shy, feel free to send them to me at rebdeb18@comcast.net and I’d be
happy to share them for you. Our children’s service will begin at 6:15 that
evening, preceding our 7 pm service.

The following Shabbat, January 8th will be our joint service with Shaar HaShalom.
Rabbi Stuart and I look forward to leading this service, and I’d love to have
participation by our children so parents, if you would like your children to
participate, and you can feel free to participate together with them, please let me
know by the end of our children’s service on January 1st.

For those of you who are interested and feel comfortable, on Thursday
February 11 there will be a socially distanced outdoor candlelight
performance by a string quartet organized by FEVER. The venue in Houston
is to be announced. Check out FEVER’s website and if you’re interested in meeting
there and watching together, please email me at rebdeb18@comcast.net by
January 1st so we can have our choice of tickets. Priya and I went earlier this
month to hear a different concert and it was so enjoyable, relaxing, and normal
feeling. Please see picture below.

With our help, may 2021 usher in peace, harmony and may there be COVID
vaccines for all!

Warmly, Rabbi Deborah