Rabbi’s Message

The Jewish Federation’s slogan used to be, “We are One.” This was a clever way of perceiving the Jewish community and enabling us to focus on our responsibility to one another. Now, more than ever, I understand the importance of expanding that vision to include all of us, regardless of religion, race, or geography. What one person does, or doesn’t do, has the potential to effect so many others. I’m drawn to the following quote by Rumi: “All religions, all this singing, one song. The differences are just illusion and vanity. The sun’s light looks a little different on this wall than it does on that wall, and a lot different on this other one, but it’s still light.”

Despite us meeting with each other in our homes over ZOOM, I hope you feel the oneness of our synagogue community as we come together on Shabbat, for adult education and to support one another through celebratory and sad times. Our next two adult education classes will be on the 4th of July and August 1st at 10:00 a.m. If you are planning to join us, and
haven’t been regularly attending, please email me at rebdeb18@comcast.net so I can email you some material to print out in advance of our next class.

We look forward to CANTOR FRANCYNE joining us on JULY TENTH!

Speaking of celebrating together, Riley will be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah Friday, July 24th on ZOOM beginning at 7 p.m. and Saturday the 25th at TBT. Stay tuned for more information on how you can remotely access this Saturday morning service. Mazel tov to Riley, Audrey, Shawn & Brandon. Your TBT family can’t wait to be a part of Riley’s simcha.


Rabbi Deborah