Rabbi’s Message

Hi All,

What an exciting way to begin our summer by beginning in person services at Temple Beth Tikvah on Friday night June 4 at 7 pm! I can’t wait to see you in person! Please see below information about the various precautions your board voted on to keep all of us safe. At the same time we will continue having Zoom services for those not able to join in person due to our reduced numbers, for those more comfortable remaining at home during this time, and for those joining us long distance.

And to get our in person celebration off to a fun start, for those who are interested, we are meeting at Tommy’s Restaurant, 2555 Bay Area Blvd beginning at 5 pm on June 4.

Thank you Jeanne for hosting a wonderful IN PERSON Sisterhood book club gathering in your patio. It was a thrill getting together with some of our Sisterhood women for the first time in nearly 1 ½ years to discuss Kate Quinn’s thought provoking book, The Alice Network. Please see pictures below.

Our healing wishes go out to Flo Citarel, Deb’s mom who is rehabilitating at Seven Acres. Flo really appreciates contact with her TBT family so feel free to give her a call through Seven Acres main number at 713-778-5700. If you would like to visit her in person, please call that number and ask for Jill Newman to arrange a day and time to visit. Flo and I had a lovely visit INSIDE Seven Acres today (too hot to be outside).

Looking forward to Rabbi Jimmy Kessler sharing his wonderful stories about Texas Jewish history at our last entirely Zoom service Friday May 28th beginning at 7 pm.

Wishing you a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend, Rabbi Deborah